Ali Appleby from The Art House

Only 1 week to go now until the fair, I’m soo excited! Just enough time to tell you about the final remaining artists exhibiting. The last of our artists on the Art House stall will be Ali Appleby:

Ali Appleby - Penelope Pinstripe - emailAli Appleby - Flamingoes - email

Ali says “Prints, Illustration and drawing are my thing. I enjoy playing with colour, lines and shapes – taking inspiration from a range of subjects such as people, fashion, patterns, interior design and everyday objects. From taking photographs, creating scrap books and producing drawings – I take these ideas and create my prints.”

Mary Duggan, The Art House – Friday’s artist

Today we have our third artist from The Art House, Mary Duggan:

Mary Duggan - image 1 - email

Mary Duggan - image 2 - emailMary Duggan - wind and waves - email

Mary Duggan initially worked digitally, exploring the potential of computer-generated fractal flames which are a pure abstract form based on the mathematics of complexity.  In this, she was fascinated by the sense of potential; of what could be and of the possibility of change.  With fractals, the smallest alteration to the mathematical parameters can completely change the image.


Prompted by a desire to create images that were less precise and had a more human dimension, Mary began to experiment with moving from the light of the computer screen to the ink of the traditional print, transferring the digital fractal images to copper plates or solar plates and using these to create intaglio prints. 

 From this she has progressed to extending her printmaking practice, including drypoint, experimental etching techniques and aquatint.

Carrie Scott-Huby from The ArtHouse

Our second artist from the ArtHouse is Carrie Scott-Huby:

Carrie Scott-Huby - drift 2 linocutprint 2014 - email

Carrie says “ My practice weaves together visual impression of nature with philosophical and science theory.  I allow to time to digest the multi-layered inspirations allowing work to emerge intuitively by way of experimental techniques and processes whilst holding a specific intent of outcome resulting a unique visual narrative.
The selection of prints represent my attention to nature and the ebb and flow of life with all its potential. Liner representation has seemingly simple aesthetic coupled with the experimentation of surface and material quality.”

See more at:

Wednesday’s artist: Chloe Smith from The ArtHouse

The ArtHouse will be showcasing a selection of their members with us, the first one to introduce to you is Chloe Smith

Chloe Smith - Night Swimmer II - email

Chloe is a printmaker working with a variety of processes including etching, collograph and lino cut. Her current work is mainly multi-layer lino cuts inspired by life as a mother and the natural environment.
Chloe is a member of The Art House and Roundhay Artists’ Network. With this network Chloe participated in the inaugural Roundhay Arts Trail Open Studio event earlier this year and is currently exhibiting in their Group Show at Oakwood Festival.
See more of her work here:

Tuesday’s artist: Laura Long

I hope no-one has blown away in these bold and blustery winds today! Here’s some  work by Laura Long to go with this windy day:

Laura Long_The_old_apple_treesteel fell

fb print shot

Laura is a printmaker  specialising in linocuts and etchings. Laura says “I originally trained as an architect, then strayed from the creative path until I discovered a love of printmaking introduced to me by the wonderful folk at Leeds College of Art. I was drawn to the slow but satisfying process of preparing a plate, inking it up and the magical moment when you lift the paper off the press.  I create delicate, calming, natural prints inspired by folk art, forests and my surroundings. All my prints are printed with oil based inks that give a fantastic slight shine to the surface and are made to last.  

I enjoy storytelling, and have recently started combining my interest in bookbinding and linocut to make the occasional  posh comic.” 

See more of her work at:

Saturday’s artist: Talia Dolman

Today we have Talia Dolman:

Leeds HS

colour lace bird pinkBeamsley

Combining influences from her Design background and her interest in pattern and travel, Talia’s work in print merges her love of colour, texture and pattern into desirable and colourful prints.  Print works are predominately silk screen, with themes such as birds in lace, 50’s fabric, landscape and personalised stamps.

Talia says “Inspired by travel posters from the 20’s and 30’s, I try to re-create that feel and look with my newer work, experimenting with colour combinations in order to achieve the desired effect.   I challenge myself by using alot of colours and its always nerve wracking to put the final colour on and hope that they have all lined up!”

Currently the Screenprint Artist in Residence at Inc Workshop, Talia plans to continue to work in large format and is currently concentrating on landscape work.

Scarlette Holmeshaw – artist of the day

Today we have Scarlette Holmeshaw

'TheBuiltEnvironment'- S.Homeshaw

Mirfield- S.Homeshawbyland 2Scarlette is a printmaker specialising in reduction linocut. She says “Every central experience in my life I associate with a particular place-space-building-room, and it is this growing collection of places that my practice surrounds. The development of my work is perpetually entwined with the life choices that I make: ultimately the places that they take me to very much inform my geographic subject. Current works explore habited and uninhabited spaces across West Yorkshire and are beginning to branch into North Yorkshire also. Much of my works are studies of people through their environments. I rarely plant figures in my prints, but prefer to describe them through exploration of environments. I like to look at areas of significance to other people, local people. Then decide whether to represent a small section or the place in its entirety, depending on its meaning or function. My personal impression/experience of the place tends to become apparent through the colour palette used, and often how much license I choose to take with representing reality.

I work primarily in Reduction Lino Cut, cutting sections away from the lino until there is very little left. I like the limitations of this process, it’s very single-minded, every cut you make you have to be sure about – because there is no going back from it – no way to erase or reverse.”

Find out more on her Facebook page:

Kevin Holdaway – artist of the day

Today we have Kevin Holdaway:

Distant Gherkin Old View South, New York Athenean Rooftops with Lykavittos 1 of 13

Kevin is the Chief Technician at De Montfort University and has been the Senior Technical Instructor in Printmaking, since 1990. He teaches a wide range of traditional printmaking techniques including: relief, screen printing and intaglio, and enjoys passing on his skills to others who share his passion for print.

Though mainly working with imagery of a topological and personal nature, his work encompasses all traditional techniques in printmaking, and on a wide variety of subject matter. An enthusiasm for the urban environment, cityscapes, and architecture, creates a clear foundation for much of his work. The majority of prints explore one of four cities: Leicester, London, Athens, or New York. Each being cities Kevin has either visited or spent prolonged periods in, and each having effected him differently.

He works his experiences of these environments into image form: with the intention of perhaps reflecting his initial feelings on first contact; or the memories he associates with these spaces now. What might appear to be an extremely technical study of a cityscape is never just that, Kevin works with his own original fragmented imagery, re-adjusting the angles by measurements that might not be obvious to recognise, but nevertheless allow him to subtly reconstruct and bend the world around him. His prints are made up of many components, some are of a topographical nature, others are more concerned with monumentalism, but all of his works explore pattern, tone, historical context, artistic references and social comment.

Find more of his work here:

Alex McArthur – Monday artist of the day

Only 3 weeks until the big day! So today we have Alex McArthur:



Alex works with monoprint and says “I love to work to music and allow it create the mood and development of the work. I add layers of colour sometimes making torn or cut stencils as I go. Although painting is the main medium I work in this printing process provides a framework for my spontaneity. I love this painterly form of printmaking that always throws up surprises in colour, form and texture. My monoprints also provide ideas and starting points for larger paintings. I make small collections and call them my ‘song cycles’. They are usually abstract compositions, sometimes landscape and my influences include abstract  expressionism and contemporary painters such as Ian McKeever and Michael Porter.”

Find more at: