Kate-Mia White – Tuesday’s artist

Tuesday’s artist is Kate-Mia White

Moon Optimized-2013 1014 SJE 50421-3 Optimized-2013 1014 SJE 50426-2


Kate-Mia says “After graduating in Fine Art Painting I decided to move away from fine art and move towards story telling, illustration and print. I have always been interested in comic books, illustration, animated films and video games. This is where my real inspiration comes from. I think with a fine art background and my interest in illustration and concept art, they have morphed together to created these intricate complicated images I produce today. I started working on rolls of parcel paper because of the colour of it and also you could control the size of the piece. I use pencil first then build it up in pen. A piece pf work can take any anything up to a day to a week. I mainly work in A1 but recently I have been working in A3. I first started selling digital prints at art and comic fairs but recently moved into screen printing. I really like screen printing especially when working in different colours I feel like I’m making an original piece of work all over again. That’s really exciting.”


Find out more here: www.kate-miawhite.weebly.com


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