Mary Duggan, The Art House – Friday’s artist

Today we have our third artist from The Art House, Mary Duggan:

Mary Duggan - image 1 - email

Mary Duggan - image 2 - emailMary Duggan - wind and waves - email

Mary Duggan initially worked digitally, exploring the potential of computer-generated fractal flames which are a pure abstract form based on the mathematics of complexity.  In this, she was fascinated by the sense of potential; of what could be and of the possibility of change.  With fractals, the smallest alteration to the mathematical parameters can completely change the image.


Prompted by a desire to create images that were less precise and had a more human dimension, Mary began to experiment with moving from the light of the computer screen to the ink of the traditional print, transferring the digital fractal images to copper plates or solar plates and using these to create intaglio prints. 

 From this she has progressed to extending her printmaking practice, including drypoint, experimental etching techniques and aquatint.


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