Tuesday’s artist: Laura Long

I hope no-one has blown away in these bold and blustery winds today! Here’s some  work by Laura Long to go with this windy day:

Laura Long_The_old_apple_treesteel fell

fb print shot

Laura is a printmaker  specialising in linocuts and etchings. Laura says “I originally trained as an architect, then strayed from the creative path until I discovered a love of printmaking introduced to me by the wonderful folk at Leeds College of Art. I was drawn to the slow but satisfying process of preparing a plate, inking it up and the magical moment when you lift the paper off the press.  I create delicate, calming, natural prints inspired by folk art, forests and my surroundings. All my prints are printed with oil based inks that give a fantastic slight shine to the surface and are made to last.  

I enjoy storytelling, and have recently started combining my interest in bookbinding and linocut to make the occasional  posh comic.” 

See more of her work at: www.laura-long.co.uk


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