Saturday’s artist: Talia Dolman

Today we have Talia Dolman:

Leeds HS

colour lace bird pinkBeamsley

Combining influences from her Design background and her interest in pattern and travel, Talia’s work in print merges her love of colour, texture and pattern into desirable and colourful prints.  Print works are predominately silk screen, with themes such as birds in lace, 50’s fabric, landscape and personalised stamps.

Talia says “Inspired by travel posters from the 20’s and 30’s, I try to re-create that feel and look with my newer work, experimenting with colour combinations in order to achieve the desired effect.   I challenge myself by using alot of colours and its always nerve wracking to put the final colour on and hope that they have all lined up!”

Currently the Screenprint Artist in Residence at Inc Workshop, Talia plans to continue to work in large format and is currently concentrating on landscape work.


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