Scarlette Holmeshaw – artist of the day

Today we have Scarlette Holmeshaw

'TheBuiltEnvironment'- S.Homeshaw

Mirfield- S.Homeshawbyland 2Scarlette is a printmaker specialising in reduction linocut. She says “Every central experience in my life I associate with a particular place-space-building-room, and it is this growing collection of places that my practice surrounds. The development of my work is perpetually entwined with the life choices that I make: ultimately the places that they take me to very much inform my geographic subject. Current works explore habited and uninhabited spaces across West Yorkshire and are beginning to branch into North Yorkshire also. Much of my works are studies of people through their environments. I rarely plant figures in my prints, but prefer to describe them through exploration of environments. I like to look at areas of significance to other people, local people. Then decide whether to represent a small section or the place in its entirety, depending on its meaning or function. My personal impression/experience of the place tends to become apparent through the colour palette used, and often how much license I choose to take with representing reality.

I work primarily in Reduction Lino Cut, cutting sections away from the lino until there is very little left. I like the limitations of this process, it’s very single-minded, every cut you make you have to be sure about – because there is no going back from it – no way to erase or reverse.”

Find out more on her Facebook page:


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